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We demand first-class quality and excellent services from ourselves so that the most beautiful time of the year remains unforgettable. Our Africa experts will be glad to help you and plan your dream holidays according to your individual wishes and expectations.

We offer several additional services before and after your journey to Africa like providing visa, travel insurance and individual travel documents. Have a look at our area for Africa fans: here you will find many interesting information around Africa like African cooking receipts.

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In the following you will find lots of information to help you with preparing and executing your self-driving tour through Southern Africa. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

General informationen:

The offered round trips by rental cars have been compiled by experienced specialists and checked with regard to distances and road conditions. A round trip by rental car through Southern Africa is the ideal opportunity for travellers who want to learn more about the country, the culture and the people. 

Important requirements for a self-driving tour:

During a self-driving tour you form your own journey, which means you drive your car on your own, you look for your accommodations and points of interests with a location plan and you decide on the duration of the daily distances. When staying somewhere without without lodging, you look for restaurants yourself. This requires a little bit of organizing and improvising talent. You should be experienced in travelling, have a basic English vocabulary and able to deal with new and spontaneous situations.
The round trip by rental car has been chosen by our partners on-site, so that you can use the offered vehicle and don't need special previous knowledge as an off-road driver. If you don't like bigger groups or want to arrange each of your vacation days individually, then a round trip by rental car is the ideal way. But nevertheless flexibility, patience and openness are important requirements for a remarkable stay in Southern Africa which you will remember forever.

Road conditions:

There are differences in road conditions between the single countries of Southern Africa. The road networks in Namibia mainly comprise well flattened dust roads, the major streets from south to north and west to east are asphaltic. On the asphaltic highway, the speed limit is 120 km/h, in localities it's 60 km/h. On the dust streets you have to be careful and shouldn't drive faster than 80 km/h as washboard roads and potholes can appear suddenly.

In Botswana  the major roads are often well tarred streets, where you are allowed to drive 120 km/h outside of localities and 60 km/h inside. Some routes are quite stressed by the heavy truck traffic from South Africa to Zambia/Zimbabwe. When passing these sectors you have to expect road works and potholes.

Possibilities of lodging:

During most of the tours the offered accommodations also include breakfast. The visited cities or little towns always offer a choice of different restaurants for dinner. In some hotels, the dinner also is included as the hotel is located isolated and there is no alternative nearby. A feeling of freedom occurs by choosing your favourite dinner instead of having to deal with the predetermined 3-course menu. According to experience, the lodging in the camps in Southern Africa is very good.

Type of accommodation:

The accommodations have been chosen so that every guest will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, personal support and individual service. When talking to the owners or staff of the camps and lodges you will get to know lots of interesting things about the visited area or the country in general. All chosen accommodations have a high value, clean and very neat. The personal support of each guest is the most important thing and you won't always be asked for your room number but addressed by name.

Maps and route descriptions:

You will receive different location maps from some care rentals when taking over the vehicle on site. But you should ask for it, to be sure! Before starting your tour, we recommend to take a detailled street map with you. Furthermore you will receive the phone numbers of the reserved accommodations and the names of your contact persons, so that you can call them in case of delays (car break down or similar). If you wish to have a navigation system with you, we can book it for a surcharge. Just contact us directly!

Your expenses:

Of course your expenses are differing from your personal nature, your needs and wishes. In general we can give you an approximate idea with the following:

Costs for lodging:

  • Breakfast - ca. 5-10 Euro per person
  • Lunch - ca. 8-12 Euro per person
  • Dinner - ca. 15-25 Euro
  • Beverages - Water, Coke, Beer and Wine cost about 1,50 - 2,50 Euro. Spirits differ from bar and choice, but normally they are cheaper than in Europe.

Costs for travelling:

The major part will for sure be the costs for fuel. Please make a rough estimate of 10 liters per 100 km and about 1,10 Euro per liter, no matter if diesel, for some 4x4 vehicles and camper or petrol for all other vehicles.

If you travel cross-border (Namibia/Botswana) with your rental car, you unfortunately have to estimate some other costs:

  • Cross border fee from Namibia to Botswana - ca. 1.000 Namibian Dollar. This fee has to be paid directly at your car rental, where you will receive the documents for the cross-border.
  • At the border post itself you will have to pay ca. 250 additional Namibian Dollar.

Means of payment:

In order to deposit the bond for your rental car, you need a credit card (we recommend VISA or MASTERCARD). In many restaurants, shops and accommodations in bigger towns, you will also be able to pay by credit card. Also fuel can be paid for by credit card at most of the bigger service stations. But as this cannot be guaranteed, you always should carry enough cash.

Security en route:

When considering some protective measures, the countries of Southern Africa aren't more dangerous than any other countries. Some regions with restaurants, shops and banks are well guarded, so that there's no risk. All offered accommodations have a security service and guarded parking areas. Nevertheless there are some general rules to avoid potential risks:

  • Don't care jewellery or photo equipment too obviously.
  • Don't go out for a walk in twilight or after nightfall but instead take a taxi or your own rental car.
  • Avoid agitations and vast squares.
  • Ask the owner and staff of your accommodations, which areas should be avoided and which are quite safe.
  • When driving through risky areas, shut your windowns and lock the doors from inside.
  • Don't obviously leave your luggage, photo equipment, mobiles or bags in your car.
  • Give the security guards (car watcher) a tip of ca. 2-5 Euro if they shall take car of your vehicle.
  • Don't stop when approaching a "dubious" accident that seems to be posed.

If you nevertheless face the situation and become the victim of an attack or theft, please react like this:

  • Keep calm.
  • Hand over you valuables.
  • Don't take any unnecessary risk and don't provoke the offender/thief.
  • Immediately report the attack at the next police station. This is especially important for your insurance.

Game drives in the national parks:

On entering the park you will be informed of the respective rules of the national park by its staff members. But it's for sure wise to know some general things before travelling:

Please never feed wild animals or pick any plants or flowers! Respekt the animals of Southern Africa and always remember that they may be dangerous even if they don't look like it. Down risk your own safety or the safety of your company for a good picture. Please take care that you aren't too loud, as animals will react immediately and might run away before you have taken your photo. Always stay in your vehicle and only leave it at the marked areas where this is allowed.

During organized game drives or walking safaris by the camp, please remember the following: Your tour guide is an experienced professional and knows his work. For your own safety (and the safety of the animals) it is advisable to follow all the instructions of the guides at all times. Before your game drive, make sure that you have your camera, binoculars, suncream and something to drink with you. During night game drives or safaris in the early morning we recommend that you take some warmer clothes with you as well.

For more information regarding means of payment, clothes, climate or health recommendations, please visit our service pages regarding travelling to Botswana or Namibia.

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