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Tsavo Trilogy

The English written three hardcover-books of the Tsavo Trilogy have been published in a decorative slipcase in December 2008 and are dedicated to the unique ecosystem of the Tsavo National Park. Within the three volumes "Stories Book", "Nature & Landscape Book" and "Travel Log Book" the reader gets to know every important fact about this exceptional National Park and its history.

The "Stories Book"

The Stories Book is a compilation of events and history around the Tsavo West area. The chapters consist of collected text passages in chronological order and are illustrated with numerous black and white photos, which haven't been published before. The book is 250 pages long and has a foldable map in the back - a historical Tsavo map with all the places mentioned in the stories.

The "Nature & Landscape Book"

The Nature and Landscape Book is all about the geology, fauna and flora of Tsavo West. It shows the latest and most detailed comprehensive lists of fauna and flora and about 60 colour illustrations created by the wildlife specialist Dino Martins. The book has 135 pages and the foldable chart in the back is an updated Tsavo West map.

The "Travel Log Book"

The Travel Log Book is meant as a personal diary whilst visiting Tsavo West and has some African sayings and poems - all relevant to Tsavo - spread out between empty pages meant for personal notes. With 70 pages it is the shortest of the books and the foldable map in the back shows a satellite image of the Tsavo West area.

Author & Publisher

Nana Grosse-Woodley, qualified photographer by trade, has lived with her husband, Daniel Woodley, in different parts of Tsavo for the past 12 years. They have recently moved to Kamboyo headquarters of Tsavo West, of which Daniel is the Senior Warden for Kenya Wildlife Service. Severin Schulte first visited Kenya as a young man and since then had the dream of running a camp in Tsavo. He has recently made his dream come true by renovating the old Kitani Bandas and building Severin Safari Camp in Tsavo West, which currently is undergoing works for upgrading. The Tsavo Trilogy was Severin's brain child.

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