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Dr. Auma Obama visits Severin Sea Lodge to inform about social project in Kenya

Mombasa, September 2014 -During the last days, Dr. Auma Obama (sister of present US President Barack Obama) visited Severin Sea Lodge that is located at Bamburi Beach in Mombasa, Kenya. The 54-year old sociologist and journalist is the founder of the trust "Sauti Kuu - powerful Voices" that gives a voice to disadvantaged children and teenagers with support and motivation and wakes up their potential. During her visit at Severin Sea Lodge she wanted to learn more about the neighboring project of Severin Training Center where besides a professional school for young Kenyans also a "Green Building" is developed that realizes the use of renewable energies by photovoltaic and solar thermic to produce fresh and hot water. Especially the professional school awakened the interest of Dr. Auma Obama as besides manual professions also gastronomical trainings will be offered in cooperation with Severin Sea Lodge. Dr. Auma Obama directly saw the great potential for the local population and interested youngsters who with this can be lead to their self-dependence and cover the demand for skilled workers. Additionally the project offers numerous synergies that result from the cooperation of Severin Sea Lodge and her Sauti Kuu trust and can lead to a mutual support as well as advancement.

Besides the information on the Severin Training Center there also was a round table with regard to social projects for youth welfare in Kenya on the last evening of her visit. In addition to Dr. Auma Obama, also the well-known ecologist René Haller took part as well as Hubert Seifert who opened the disabled workshop Bombolulu and the rehabilitation hospital Port Reitz as well as Zul Harunani the assistant manager of Mombasa Technical College and Dr. Meisemann who has worked actively in the building of hospitals and school in the region around Kilifi. All participants have been involved in different projects for years now and it was a successful exchange of ideas and experiences with regard to social dedication in Kenya. "Kenya's future lies in the hands of the youth and we have to support their potential with the help of workshops, sports and education and move them to act, just like it is done at Severin Training Center. Especially the children in the rural regions of Kenya are willing to change their county", said Dr. Auma Obama.

Before the round table she had a 30-minutes interview with the local press and answered questions to her trust and the current situation in Kenya. She praised the good relationship to Germany and the popularity of Kenya with German tourists. She asks tourists to further inform about Kenya as a travel destination. "What is shown in the media in Western civilization really looks differently when you are on site. This will be experienced by guests with some research and intense preparation", explained Dr. Auma Obama during the interview. As for me, I really feel safe here at Severin Sea Lodge and the beach of Mombasa and I'm welcomed cordially everywhere I go."

Dr. Auma Obama grew up in Kenya. She went to university in Germany and graduated from her master exams at the university of Heidelberg before doing her doctorate at the university of Bayreuth. After her academic career she got involved in the American aid organization "Care International" and was responsible for different social activities in Great Britain and Kenya. During the presidential election campaign 2008 in the USA she was part of the campaign staff of her brother Barack. At the moment, Dr. Auma Obama leads the trust Sauti Kuu which operates in Kenya and Germany and has an office in Nairobi and Munich.

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