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Tanzania - a country of contrasts with endless savannahs, dense rainforest, islands with palm trees, a gorgeous animal kingdom and hospitable people. A country where Africa's highest mountain and its deepest sea are situated. A country where you can experience the wild and romantic Africa of your dreams.

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The state of Tanzania is located in East Africa at the Indian Ocean and borders on Kenya and Uganda in the North, on Rwanda, Burundi and the Congo in the West and on Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique in the South. On 9th December 1961, the former Tanganjika received its independence from the United Kingdom and on 26th April 1964 conjoined with Zanzibar to the United Republic of Tanzania.


The about 41 million inhabitants of Tanzania speak a total of 128 different languages, about 90% of these Bantu languages. Furthermore, the northern part of the country speaks nilotic languages, Hazda and Sandawe and Arabic - especially on Zanzibar. Thus, every of the four African big language groups is present. There is no statutory official language, but Swahili is national language. English - the language of former colonial days - isn't spoken in public service, in parliament or the government anymore, but it is applied to as being used in court and thus the official language in the broadest sense.
Religion is very important for the people of Tanzania, it is meant to be protection and purpose in life. About 43% are Christians, 38% Islamists and 1% Hindus. Due to the historic movement most of the people at the coast and on the islands belong to the Islam, while most of the back-land is formed by Christianity. However, the lives of most of the inhabitant are complied to nature and tribal practices.


Colloquially only called "Dar", Daressalam with its 2,7 million inhabitants is the biggest city of Tanzania. It is seat of government, Lutheran and Roman Catholic Episcopal city. Furthermore, there are several universities located in Daressalam with about 12.000 students.

Worth seeing in Daressalam: Mwenge market, harbour, bohemian side of town.


Zanzibar is a "spice island" and charms with the smell of cloves, vanilla and cinnamon. Palaces and oriental alleys make dreams of 1001 nights come true in the warm African twilight. Turquoise water at the white sandy beaches completes the impression in a wonderful way.

Mainland shore

Tanzania's mainland shore with its kilometres of long palm beaches is also strongly affected by oriental and Indian factors. Not yet overcrowded by tourism, this coastal area offers besides relaxing beach days also enough possibilities for individual experiences and cultural encounters with the inhabitants.


The Tanzanian national economy is mostly based on the agricultural sector, which accounts for about 46% of the gross domestic product. More than 75% of the persons employed work there. Especially manioc, corn, rice, millet, legumes and bananas are cultivated but also sugar cane and vegetables. Important export goods are coffee, cotton, sisal, tobacco and tea, but especially caoutchouc and cloves. Besides fishery and stock breeding for own requirements, the forestry industry provides mahogany, ebony and sandalwood. Mineral resources like stone coal, iron ore, plaster and phosphate can hardly be mined due to the undeveloped infrastructure. In little amounts of gold, tin and salt is gained, but only diamond extraction is of importance.

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