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The island group is located in the Indian Ocean like sparkling sapphires. When hearing the name you immediately think of a paradise. Each of the islands will enchant you with its exotic and romantic flair.

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Flora & Fauna

On the Seychelles you will find a breathtaking and rich flora and fauna. The locals call their home a living Natural History Museum as the islands offer the living space for some fantastic species amidst a unique surrounding. Half of the landmass is subject to nature conservancy protection and the islands praise themselves for their prospective politics of environmental protection.

A highlight of the island is for sure the famous Coco-de-Mer which has the biggest seed world-wide as well as the jellyfish tree with only 8 existing exemplars left and three species of giant tortoises. Especially on the Adabra Atoll you will find the biggest colony of giant tortoises world-wide.

The Seychelles are also home to 2 UNESCO World Cultural Heritages: Aldabra, the biggest elevated coral atoll of the world and Vallée de Mai on Praslin, formally referred to as the Garden of Eden.

Why Sechelles?

Why Seychelles?

The Seychelles - experience the Garden of Eden

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Country & People at the Sychelles

Country & People

Enjoy the mix of cultures at the Seychelles

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Flora & Faune at the Seychelles

Flora & Fauna

Get to know more about Seychelles' Flora & Fauna

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Climate & Travel Season at the Seychelles

Climate & Travel Season

You will find more information on Climate & Travel Season for the Seychelles here!

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