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Rwanda is a little landlocked country in eastern Africa. Due to its geography, it is also called the "land of the thousand hills". Rwanda is popular for tourists who want to watch the very rare mountain gorillas in their natural environment, which is possible in some areas here.  

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Climate & Travel Season

Due to its altitude and despite its close distance to the Equator, Rwanda offers a moderate climate. The temperatures are mild year-round, and the tropical highland climate cares for the fact, that the maximum day temperature is mostly beneath 30° C and night temperatures rarely fall below 15° C.

The climate is characterized by the change of rainy and dry seasons, therefore travelling is recommended outside the two rainy seasons. Especially the longer dry period from June and September is suitable for longer journeys. Within the rainy seasons from March to May and from October to November, the climate is affected by the East African monsun rain and huge abnormalities can appear.

Country & People in Rwanda

Country & People

Explore Rwanda's varied past

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Flora and Fauna Rwanda

Flora & Fauna

Get to know more about Ruandas' Flora & Fauna

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Climate & Travel Season Rwanda

Climate & Travel Season

You will find more information on Climate & Travel Season for Ruanda here!

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Why Rwanda?

Why Rwanda?

Rwandas gorillas, the gentle giants of the rain forest, welcome you!

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