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Mauritius is an island that has lots to offer and re-invents itself over and over again. With its natural beauty, the nice climate and the unique cultural mixture it is the perfect loacation for the journey of a lifetiime.
Different landscapes form the island and the beaches are absolutely beautiful. The people are tolerant and live a culture of friendship. Here you will find the biggest world religions living peacefully together, and guests are welcomed with absolute geniality.

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Flora & Fauna

Nature friends will absolutely love Mauritius. Every corner seems to be in flower. As the island is far away from the osnhore, it has its own flora and fauna. Even though immigrants brought their common plants with them to the island, there are still species that are only growing and living on Mauritius.

Botanical Garden Pamplemousses

World-wide this park is known for its huge collection of local and exotic plants. The gigantic water lily Victoria Amazonice and many more plants can be seen here as well as the extraordinary Talipot or Shadow Palm, which is said to be in flower only once in sixty years and to die afterwards.

Domaine De Bel Ombre-Frédérica Nature Reserve

2500 hectare of nature park stretch in south of the island from the mountains to the turquoise lagoon. In cooperation with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation there are protection measures for the local flora and fauna. During long and guided hikes you can discover lots of animals: deer, wild pigs, monkeys, bats or the rare Echo Sitting.
The area of Bel Ombre offers relaxation, enjoyment and adventure on a high leven. Besides golf and spa offers there is a huge diversity of sports like arrow-shooting or badminton. The chateau from the 19th Century houses restaurant and hotel.

Kestrel Valley

Hidden in the mountains at Anse Jonchée near Mahébourg you will find the beautiful private park of 7 Vallées, also known as Domaine of the Grands Bois. Within a height from 300 to 500 metres you will find deer, monkeys, rare bird species and wild pigs in a vegetation of ebony, eucalyptus, palms and wild orchids.

Black River Gorges Nationalpark

This national park covers an area of 6574 hectares and was declared a nature reserve in 1994 to protect the remaining local forests. Amidst this impressing natural scenery there are unique plants and birds, for examle trees with trunks overgrown with orchids and fern. Besides the viewing points at the Alexandra Falls with view to Bel Ombre and the spectacular Black River Gorges you can hike towards the highest point of the island, the Black River Peak (828 metres).

Klima & Reisezeit von Mauritius

Climate & Travel Season

You will find more information on Climate & Travel Season for Mauritius here!

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Warum Mauritius?

Why Mauritius?

Mauritius - experience the paradise

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Land & Leute auf Mauritius

Country & People

Enjoy the mix of cultures in Mauritius

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Natur & Tierwelt von Mauritius

Flora & Fauna

Get to know more about Mauritius' Flora & Fauna

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