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Mauritius is an island that has lots to offer and re-invents itself over and over again. With its natural beauty, the nice climate and the unique cultural mixture it is the perfect loacation for the journey of a lifetiime.
Different landscapes form the island and the beaches are absolutely beautiful. The people are tolerant and live a culture of friendship. Here you will find the biggest world religions living peacefully together, and guests are welcomed with absolute geniality.

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Climate & Travel Season

Mauritius is located south of the Equator and the seasons summer and winter are opposite the European ones. The climate is relatively mild and can be greatly enjoyed even during the hot summer months. In the central area of the island, about 600 metres above sea loeven, the average temperatures during daytime reach from 20°C in August to 26°C in February. In coastal regions temperatures lie about 3 to 5 degrees higher. The western and northern regions are warmer and dryer than the East and the Suth. However, the green flora is in flower during the whole year in most parts of the country.

Klima & Reisezeit von Mauritius

Climate & Travel Season

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Warum Mauritius?

Why Mauritius?

Mauritius - experience the paradise

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Land & Leute auf Mauritius

Country & People

Enjoy the mix of cultures in Mauritius

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Natur & Tierwelt von Mauritius

Flora & Fauna

Get to know more about Mauritius' Flora & Fauna

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