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The fantastic vacation paradise in East Africa offers its visitors various possibilities for an unforgettable stay. No other African country can enchant you with such a diversity of breathtaking flora and fauna.

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Country & People


With an area of 580.367 m², Kenya lies in East Africa and borders on Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and the Indian Ocean. Even today, Kenya ranges amongst the countries with the biggest population increase world-wide. 


The total population amounts to about 38,6 million people (position 34 world-wide), the density is 51 people per square kilometre. Due to the different ecological conditions the Kenyan population is unevenly spread, the urban development is quite low, a good third of the people live in urban areas. Most of Kenya's inhabitants belong to Bantu speaking groups, which also contain the Kikuya, with 22% of the population the biggest ethnic group in Kenya. Other ethnic groups are the Luhya (14%), the Luo (13%), but of course also the Massai, Samburu, Turkana or the Somali and Oromo. About 1% of the population is non-African, amongst them Europeans of predominantly English origin as well as Asian and Arabs. English is one of the two official languages in Kenya and is especially spread in schools. The second official language is Swahili which is also link language in whole East Africa. Especially in the countryside and at the coast around Mombasa it is the most used language in Kenya. Some ethnic groups have their own dialects respectively, for example Kikuyu, Kamba, Luo or Kalenjin. With about 70%, the greater part of the population is Christian, amongst them about 26% Anglican, 26%Catholic, 2,5% orthodox as well as members of the various African churches. Additionally, at least 10% of the Kenyans belong to the traditional African nature religions and about 5% are Muslims. 

Kenya's cities 


Nairobi with its about 3 million inhabitants is the capital of Kenya. It received its name by the Massai phrase "Engare Nyarobie" (= cool river). The most common languages are Kiswahili and English. Worth seeing in Nairobi: National museum, Railway museum, town hall, legislative building, court of justice, national theatre, national library 


With its 800.000 inhabitants, Mombasa is the second biggest city in Kenya and the most important seaport in East Africa. The city is located on Mombasa Island at the Indian Ocean. Diani Beach, about 30 km south of Mombasa, is one of the most beautiful beaches at the Kenyan Coast and the perfect destination for beach holidays. The white sandy beach with palm trees stretches across 8 km of the Indian Ocean. This is a dream holiday by the sea, where water temperature never falls below 21 degrees. Luxurious hotels and villas perfectly nestled in the virgin forests. A natural coral reef in front of the coast protects from high swell and sharks and offers unique potential for snorkelling and diving. In the north of Mombasa, about 40 km long, there are the beaches of the North Coast, Bamburi Beach is situated about 13 km from the seaport of Mombasa. Here, a constant of 8 to 9 hours of sunshine awaits the visitors, only in May there are about 6 hours of sunshine. Water temperature never falls below 25 degrees - the ideal place to relax from every-day life under the African sun and to follow one's love for the diverse water sports like snorkelling or deep-sea fishing. Worth seeing in Mombasa: Fort Jesus, central market, Tusks. 


The Kenyan history as a colony begins in 1986 when the European colonial powers divided Africa between them at a conference in Berlin. Germany and Britain are the main players in the game of control with East Africa. In 1898 Germany handed over its offshore territories to the Britons. 1920, Kenya officially became a member of the Crown Colony. 1957, the first elections were held in Kenya, the first government was formed by the Kenya African National Union (KANU). On 12th December 1963 Kenya became independent, and a year later Jomo Kenyatta took office as the first president of the Republic of Kenya. 


One of the most important economic sectors in Kenya is tourism. Due to the diversity of different landscapes, from beautiful coastlines to a long coral reef together wit African savannah and snow-capped mountains, Kenya is the perfect destination for travellers of all kinds. Most of the round 1 million visitors per year come from Germany.

Only about 20% of the country can be used for agriculture, however, far more than half of the Kenyans live of it. Besides coffee and tea, also sisal and pyrethrum are cultivated, the basis for insecticides. In addition, people grow wheat, corn, barley, beans, bananas, sugar cane, rice and cotton for their own use. Beef and Dairy cattle are the main component of livestock farming, a lot of forests are under nature conversation. Kenya has only a very small area of mineral deposits; therefore the main livelihood is from exporting coffee and tea to industries like engine and vehicle construction, textiles and natural stimulants. Trading with ivory and killing elephants is prohibited. In 2003, Kenya overtook Israel as the biggest flower exporter of the world and has enlarged its market share on the European market to 31%. 

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