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The state of Africa on the west coast is an insider tip. Althoughit it is the smallest country of the continent, it inspires with its diverse landscapes and dreamlike sandy beaches.

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Altough there are no more elephants, lions or giraffes living in Gambia, nevertheless the country is rich in different mammal species. Above all monkeys, warthogs and antelopes are widespread, but also leopards and hyenas. 

There also are 400 kinds of different birds living in Gambia. 

In the waters you can see crocodiles and hippos, as well as whales and dolphins on the coast.



White sandy beaches, palm trees and pleasant temperatures - Gambia is the perfect place for beach holidays. You can walk on 80 km long beaches and go swimming in the warm, turquoise water.

Makasutu Cultre Forest

The Makasutu Culture Forest with it's 1000 hectares is an impressive nature reserve, which hosts 5 different ecological systems. Due to its diversity, it is home to many animal and plants species. These can be discovered during guided bushwalks or boat trips. 

Abuko Nature Reserve

The approx. 100 hectares nature reserve is the most popular in Gambia. It is located on a small confluence of the Gambia River. An exploration of the reserve can only be done by foot. During this you can observe scores of animals from hidden viewpoints. A part of the reserve is used for needy animals. The ill and injured animals are cared for. Especially worth seeing is the daily feeding of the hyenas.

Kuntah Kinteh Island

Named James Island until 2011, it's a small island in the Gambia River with historical influence. In 1661, the island was conquered by the English and named in honor of their king James II. Since then the island has had a great importance in the West African slave trade, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003.


The privately owned crocodile pool is a place of worship in Bakau and absolutely worth seeing. Crocodiles are considered sacred in Gambia, so the place of worship is of great importance to the locals. The Gambian women swear by the healing properties of the water, so that diseases can be combated by bathing in the crocodile basin.

The approximately 70 crocodiles living there can move and multiply freely. They may even be caressed by the visitors - touching the animals should bring luck.

For women, entry to the crocodile pool is free.

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