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The state of Africa on the west coast is an insider tip. Althoughit it is the smallest country of the continent, it inspires with its diverse landscapes and dreamlike sandy beaches.

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Gambia is located on the west coast of Africa and is, with 11.29 km², the smallest country on the continent. Apart from the Atlantic coast which is characterized by white sandy beaches, the country is completely sourrounded by the state of Senegal. 11,5 % of the land area are water areas, where the Gambia river is the main part. 

Gambia's Cities


The captial of Gambia is Banjul. Banjul is located on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, which is close to the mainland and connected to it by roads but cannot grow because of this. With only 32.000 inhabitants, it's one of the smaller cities in Gambia. 


With 365.000 inhabitants Serekunda is die largest city in Gambia. Due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean the city is very popular as a seaside resort. The huge market offers local fruits and vegetables as well as numerous textiles.


Two million people live in Gambia. The population is growing rapidly - every year around 4%. 60% of the people in Gambia live in cities, 40% live in rural areas. Almost half of the population is under the age of 15, the life expectancy is relatively low.

With 40% the Mandinka are the largest population group in Gambia, that´s why the language Mandinka is widespread there. Generally a lot of languages are spoken in Gambia - particulary English. 


Gambia has no natural resources. Agriculture is therefore a very important economic sector with 75% of the population working in it. In addition to rice and millet, 2/3 of the arable land is covered by peanuts which are exported all over the world. 

The tourism industry is also important. It continues to grow steadily and has already created approx. 10.000 jobs. 

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