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Culture and traditions have outlived more than 3.000 years in this fascinating country and are as alive as ever. Follow the footsteps of the Queen of Saba and let yourself be fascinated by the legendary rock churches of Lalibela and the unbelievable natural beauties. A country full of colourful contrasts and lively history is waiting for you.

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Flora & Fauna

Due to its multi-facetted landscape, diverse geological seams and different climatic conditions, Ethiopia is home to a versatile flora and fauna. From green moist forests to savannahs and regions with an alpine climate, lots of different living environments have developed.

Ethiopia is the origin for coffee and some types of grain, its flora comprises about 7.000 higher species of plant. Eucalyptus trees form the biggest part of the tree population.

Amongst the numerous animal species there are 30 different mammal species, for example the Ethiopian Capricorn, the Ethiopian Wolf or the Mountain Nyala.


It was named after the two lakes located in the park, opened in 1963 and stretches over 887 sq km. The park is located in the region of Oromiyaa, the biggest province in Ethiopia. About 500 sq km of the park which lies in the East African Rift Valley, is covered by water.

The National Park was built for water birds, about 300 different bird species were counted. It is also home to about 30 mammal species, amongst them the Big Kudu, the Grant Gazelle and the Golden Jackal.


Awash National Park is located in the south of the region Afar, about 225 km east of Addis Abeba. In the south it borders the Awash River and Lake Basaka. Its area of 756 sq km comprises grassland and acacia forests, in the higher Kidu Valley you will find hot springs surrounded by groves of palm trees. Amongst the different animals living here there are the Beisa Antelope, Dikdiks, Kudus and about 350 different bird species.


Bale Mountains National Park was opened in 1969 and is the biggest connected alpine landscape in Africa. It covers an area of 2.471 sq km and lies between heights of 1.550 and 4.337 metres in southern Ethiopia.

The National Park is known for its biological diversity as only there natural communites can develop in total isolation. The Ethiopian Wolf is very rare and has to be protected, additionally the park is known for its countless birds. It offers a mixed alpine flora, typical are the pervasive juniper trees.


Mago National Park is located in the region of Gam Gofa and was founded in 1971. It is located in heights of 450 to 2.528 metres, its highest point being Mount Mago. The park is crossed by the Mago River and was build for protecting the big mammals like giraffe, buffalo and elephant.

Mago National Park is affected by savannah landscape, it is also home of the Mursi, an ethnic group living from agriculture and stock farming.


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