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Breathtaking beauty of nature and an immense water occurrence invite to unique sighting of wilderness. Richly rewarded with fantastic natural wonders, this country lets its visitors remain in amazement and will never release them!

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The Republic of Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa and borders on South Africa in the southeast and the south, on Namibia in the west and the north and on Zambia and Zimbabwe in the northeast. The name is derived from the denomination of the Tswana people.

The country is spread over an area of 581.730 km², 566.730 km² of these mainland and 15.000 km² water. Botswana's highest point is the Tsodilo Hills with 1.489 m, the lowest is the confluence of Limpopo and Shashe River at 513 m.


About 2,07 million people live in Botswana, the population densitiy is at 3,6 inhabitants per km². With this, Botswana is the most sparesly populated African country after Namibia. The population consists of diverse ethnical groups, about 75,5 % are Tswana (which can be separated into eight subcategories), 12,4 % Shona, 3,4 % Shan-Bushmen, 2,5 % Khoi Khoi, 1,3 % Ndebele and 4,9 % others, amongst them about 2 % Europeans. Since independence, the population figure has risen immensely, but the curse has a little bit slabbed during the last years.

English and Setswana are the two official languages in Botswana, additionally, Kalanga and Sekgalagadi are spoken by the people. The parliament disuptes in English and all bigger newspapers are also published in the English language which is taught in school from secondary school on. Nevertheless, the inhabitants communicate in Setswana which is also language of instruction during primary school.

The bigger part of the population belongs to nature religions, then there are about 29% Protestants, 11,8% African Christians and about 9,4% Catholics.



Gaborone is the capital of the country and located in the southeast at the River Notwane. The city centre is built in a semicircle, the streets radiate from the government district to the east. Gaborone lies at a heigt of 983 m and has about 240.000 inhabitants.

Worth seeing in Gaborone: The National Museum with its art exhibition, the Gaborone Game Park as well as the Gaborone Dam with its diverse water sports.


Francistown is located about 450 km northwards of Gabarone and with its 90.000 inhabitants is the second biggest city of the country.

Francistown offers hardly any places worth seeing and there are also no buildings from the colonial era to be visited. But there is a little museum informing about the tribe Kalanga from Botswana


Before the colonial era, today's Botswana was ruled by some little kingdoms of the Tswana which asked the British for help due to the immigration of the Boers. The United Kingdom closed security contracts with the rulers of the Tswana and under the name Beschuanaland held the biggest British protectorate in Southern Africa from 1885 till 1966. In 1961, the inhabitants were granted a restricted autonomy and the first political parties were composed

On 30. September 1966 Botswana received its independence from the United Kingdom, became a member of the Commonwealth and proclaimed its new name


The national economy of the country is based on the exploitation of mining resources, on meat production and tourism. Over 70% of the total export value is reached by the exports of diamonds, the mines are run by a company which belongs to the state and a diamond enterprise one half each

In comparison to other African states Botswana observes a relatively high economic growth which was at 9% yearly during the last years. That way, the country has developed from one of the pourest countries in the world to one with a medium revenue. Due to its political stability, the constant advancement of the environment as well as the economical development Botswana is often called a "model country" in Africa

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