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Breathtaking beauty of nature and an immense water occurrence invite to unique sighting of wilderness. Richly rewarded with fantastic natural wonders, this country lets its visitors remain in amazement and will never release them!

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Climate & Travel Season

A huge part of the country consists of the Kalahari semi-desert which is located in the South of the country. This is why Botswana's climate is mainly dominated by the hot and dry deser climate, the temperatures alternate between 35° C in the summer and about 20° C im the winter. During winter's nights it may become touchily cold, during this time frost is possible within the whole country and differences in temperatures of over 20° C between day and night are normal. Nearly solely in the months from December till March it may rain, but the borderline from dry and rainy season isn't as clearly defined in Botswana as in many other countries.



Ideal for bird watching. It is the main breeding saison for many of the colourful birds of passages


It is the main time of florescence for water lilies and the frogs are colourful and loud - the Okavango Delta is beautiful, full of noises and life. The resident animals don't have to search for water and the pups are nearly as big as the adults. Possibilities for bird watching are excellent.


It is still warm during day and night but the air is dryer and it rains more often. The bush is rank and green with many flowers. The fruit of the Marula tree attracts the elephant bulls, they wander from tree to tree


Trees are in full bloom and the fruits mature with huge sausages hanging down from the Sausage Tree. On the brink of the dry season, the reptiles are actively breeding and feeding.


The buffalos start to form big herds and to visit the areas around the rivers more often as the seasonal flood plains are drying up slowly. You will see numerous breeding elephant herds at the waterholes.


The wild animals concentrate on the persistent waterholes, it is the same with the predators. The inner area of the Delta will now be flooded.


Excellent conditions for watching the animals. More and more animals congregate at the water and the flooded plains.


The bush is naked and dust is all around but still there is lots of movement and with a little bit of patience you will be rewarded.


The numbers of elephants and buffalos still rise and predators are spoilt for choice


It is hot - very hot, but you will never experience better conditons for watching the animals, so sweating is worth it. During this time the herbivores are weak due to the lack of food and the lions are stronger than ever


Temperatures remain high day and night and the conditions for watching the animals are excellent - until the first rainy day which normally occurs mid November. The rain is coming and the animals disperse to eat new vegetation and drink from seasonal waterholes


While the herbivores enjoy the fresh grass they are always traced and watched by the predators. Their winter camouflage isn't very advantageous now and they have to work harder to successfully hunt an animal. But as the bush is so thick right now, they can easily hide.

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